Definition and brief introduction of British combination screw

2020-07-03 23:14:19

Before we often said that the combination screw, generally refers to our own standard in China, that is, the national standard combination screw. Today, we are going to talk about the English combination screws. For people who are not in the screw industry, what is the national standard combination screw and British combination screw may not be well understood. First of all, let's talk about the national standard combination screw.

National standard combination screw is simply our Chinese standard, some of our own national standards for combination screw. Abbreviated to GB, with the letter GB to express.

The definition of national standard combination screw is roughly like this, such as some commonly used national standard combination screw, such as gb9074.8, gb9074.4, gb9074.13. These are national standards. Understand the standard combination screw. Then English combination screw. That would be easier to understand. That is the British national standard for combination screws in the line screw industry. That is to say, the United Kingdom also has its own national standards for combination screws. The abbreviation is the British system, not the British standard.

Before also introduced commonly used screw is metric system or English system. For our combination screw, it is also a common screw. In the application of our national products, of course, most of the combination screws are national standard combination screws, and some are British combination screws. Even a combination of American screws. It depends on the customer's requirements.

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